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ProjectPublish Ltd is a creative arts agency and publishing house focusing on bringing talented photographers, authors and artists to the fore. We specialise in facilitating the realisation of any creative concept or dream. See our LATEST NEWS section for our current publishing projects.

In addition ProjectPublish Ltd offers digital and print publishing solutions. If you need a - website, book, business cards, Twitter background, Facebook fan page, branded fashion clothes labels or even a fashion retail bag - ProjectPublish will ensure you have the perfect people to carry it out, that your deadlines are met and your goals & dreams realised.

Apart from project managing all manner of digital and print projects we ensure your creative concept is thoroughly researched and the solutions proposed are affordable yet creatively dynamic.

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Under the guidance of director Katherine Holmes and her dedicated associates ProjectPublish Ltd has provided creative solutions for individuals as well as SMEs. This includes websites, business cards, logos, fashion clothes labels, packaging, store signs, vehicle sign magnets, menu designs, rebranding and brand management/continuity, Facebook fan pages etc. and the latest addition to our portfolio - a children's book.

Latest News - Project Publish Ltd

Katherine of Carrick - The Way of the Warrior (ISBN-13: 978-0992981907) our debut children's novel will introduce the world's youngest history detective who is determined to put girls back on the map. Boys are allowed as long as they can keep up! To be published October 2015.

If you have an idea and it's not on our list then contact us directly to see how we can help you bring it to life.

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latest news

Lazarus Jacobs Latest News - Project Publish Ltd - Lazarus Jacobs

ProjectPublish Ltd is currently working with renowned Namibian entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author, Lazarus Jacobs, to assist in the publication of his new book on his journey from apartheid economy to black economic empowerment. Check back soon for publication details!

Dror Eyal Latest News - Project Publish Ltd - Dror Eyal

Globetrotting photographer Dror Eyal is currently working on several exciting projects for ProjectPublish Ltd one of which will form part of our news series of books looking at African traditions in the modern era. The first of the series will focus on Umhlanga, the Reed Festival in Swaziland and is due to be published in 2016.

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